Business language - time for a change? Podcast Artwork Image

Business language - time for a change?

Paul Russell & Mark Vincent

In the fast-paced world of business, the enigmatic nature of language remains a formidable challenge, especially when change and transformation are on the lips!

How often have you found yourself ensnared in discussions, projects, and initiatives where language forms an insurmountable barrier?

Join Paul Russell and Mark Vincent, as they convene to dissect the lexicon we too frequently accept at face value. With rigor and acumen, they present a comprehensive analysis, providing compelling rationales and multiple perspectives.

They daringly question the status quo, spearheading a discourse that sparks transformation.

Are you not curious to explore the profound meanings behind these oft-overlooked phrases that have perplexed us for so long?

 It's high time we ensure that everyone is truly on the 'same page,' dismantling the linguistic barriers that have held us back.

Join us in this illuminating endeavor as we redefine the language of business, ushering in a new era of clarity and comprehension.